Chiptunes / micromusic / lo-fi electro / 8bit pop

Thank You guys for being with me all those years! It was fun!




I started making chiptunes on ZX Spectrum computer, in 1989. ZX Spectrum 48K has 1-bit sound by default, 

but one can also connect an AY-interface to the machine (existing since its very beginning in 1982 and even earlier
because first AY-interfaces have been built for ZX81 computer - 1981).

Anyway - then Spectrum48 has the same sound-abilities what Spectrum128,
Amstrad CPC, Atari ST or MSX have (they using the same chip standard:
AY/YM). It means 4-bit sound, 3 channels + white noise generator, square wave and several 'buzzers'. Or - instead of it - 

I can use 3 channels of 4-bit digital sound with the AY, but then I have to fit all samples in 48Kb of RAM. :)

In case of chip-music, as "standard possibilities" I understand
AY/YM working in 50hz (Atari ST can use this chip with 200hz of speed which
gives the Atarians better audio effects due to their more powerful CPU - 16-bit, 8MHz. Cry cry!!).
So that's my weapon of choice: ZX Spectrum 48K with AY-interface. 

For making chiptunes I use ZX Spectrum's Sound-Tracker 1.1 and for
digital MOD-like music I use SampleTracker 2.0 and 2.1.

In 1994 I started making music also for Amiga 500 (MOD / MED files) on
OctaMED, but they were 4 channels traxx mostly - in 99%. :) We made only
several 8 channels tracks on OctaMED but it was pretty hard task for old good A500, so usually I stick with 4ch. :)

In 2002 I founded AY-RIDERS band. We play chiptunes on our Spectrums 

(48K, 128K and higher models). AY-RIDERS' music can be found here: 

(My solo music You can find here, on this site, below this text).

Some time later I started to make more music for Atari ST and STe (mostly digital, but also some chiptunes).
That's how the YM-DIGITAL band appeared in 2010: - there are albums for
all enthusiasts of ym2149 chip and digital oldschool music.

In 2012 I bought an Amiga 1200 and was able to start making full 8-channels
digital songs for the platform (with independent volumes). That's how
the "RetroBeat" album appeared, for all fans of Amiga, and also for fans of retro-computer-music.

From time to time I make songs for Atari Falcon 030 (10 channels of digital music, on DHS-Tracker). 

So, in short, my software/hardware usually are: 
SoundTracker on ZX Spectrum and ZX81;
NeoTracker on Atari XL/XE;

E-Tracker on SAM Coupe computer (Spectrum Advanced Machine);
MusicMon on ATARI 520ST;
DigiComposer on ATARI 520ST;
ProTracker on ATARI 520 ST;
Hex-Tracker on ATARI 520ST;
Octalyser on ATARI 1040 STE;
OctaMED on AMIGA 500;
DigiBooster on AMIGA 1200;
Digital Home Studio (DHS-Tracker) on ATARI Falcon 030

Milky-Tracker and Goat-Tracker on the Raspberry Pi 2

FamiTracker for making NES / Famicom / Pegasus music 
...........................and many others............................


Yerzmyey & Hellboi in the 3D Virtual Cave in USA, 2016


Except the chiptune / 8 bit pop / low bit / micromusic / lo-fi music, I listen also to:
synthpop / electro pop / futurepop
techno pop / electro / electro funk / techno bass
electro industrial / EBM / futurestorm
progrock / proggressive rok / art rock
heavy metal
power metal
death metal
black metal
techno metal
techno rave (oldschool rave) 
techno house (oldschool house)

breakbeat / breakz
berlin school / berlin trance
classic electronica (60s, 70s, 80s, and so on)

instrumental music

symphonic music

 Supposedly You can notice it while listening to my traxx. ;)











Fragment of the concert in 2018 on the Warsaw game-event FamiCON 2018 (NES / Famicom music in this part)












Concert in 2017 in Warsaw, on the Wapniak 2017 demo & game event (ATARI XL/XE and ATARI 520ST)












Concert in 2015 in USA, Pittsburgh/Pennsylvania, on the DemoSplash 2015 event (fragment 1 / AMIGA 1200)












Concert in 2015 in USA, Pittsburgh/Pennsylvania, on the DemoSplash 2015 event (fragment 2 / AMIGA 1200)











Concert in 2014 in Tokyo / Japan, on the Square Sounds 2014 event (ZX Spectrum)






YERZMYEY - The Lady of Mars (2019)


Cover-art by Jokov


YERZMYEY - The Lady of Mars 
The NES / FamiCom album released in 2019 by Japanese label Cheapbeats.

The album is here!



The tracklist: 



01. Pegasus
02. Return to Taured
03. Roller-Coaster Ride
04. The Lady of Mars


05. Pegasus (lo-fi live: NES with toy-keyboards)
06. Return to Taured (lo-fi live: NES with toy-keyboards)
07. Roller-Coaster Ride (lo-fi live: NES with toy-keyboards)
08. The Lady of Mars (lo-fi live: NES with toy-keyboards)

BONUS (covers)

09. 30 minut, a cover (lo-fi live: ZX SPECTRUM with toy-keyboards)
10. Children, a cover (lo-fi live: ZX SPECTRUM with toy-keyboards)
11. Superman, a cover (lo-fi live: ZX SPECTRUM with toy-keyboards)

(C) 2019 by YERZ
Total Time - 37:54 min.



This time I wanted to add some 'live' elements to tracked chiptune music. Trackers are cool but making some improvised solos is much better played "by hand", in real-time.
To compare the pure tracker chiptunes with their 'live' versions I split this album into two parts - tracker and 'live'.
Those have been made with NES / Famicom. 
Also, I added some bonus-traxx - covers made with ZX Spectrum and toy-keyboards and synths. Enjoy. :-P

All the keyboards/synths parts have been played 100% live without any sequencing. 

Videoclip from this album is here:
It has been made by PixelNation for my NES/Famicom song "Roller-Coaster Ride". 
Starring (haha) - me & my girlfriend Kate. :-P And numerous game-consoles. :) 

Cover-art by Jokov.

Hardware used ->

Game-consoles and computers: 
- Famicom AV
- ZX Spectrum 128

Toy-keyboards and synths:
- Korg Monotron Delay
- Yamaha PSS-51
- Novation Mininova

Additional thanx for help to: Cheapbeats, Famicon PL organizers and NES/Famicom/Pegasus community, PixelNation, Jokov, Kate.

Original composers of those three covers: 
"30 minut" by TATU,
"Children" by Robert Miles,
"Superman" by John Williams.

(C) 2019 by Yerzmyey










YERZMYEY - "RPi ZWEI" (January 2018)

Cover-art by Yerz

Released in January 2018


The tracklist: 


01. RPi Zwei
02. Ursula (part 2)
03. Alien encounter
04. Wake Hime
05. Digital Garbage RPi's Remix


(C) 2018 by YERZ
Original ATARI 2600 song "Digital Garbage" by Bitpusher2600.

Total Time - 19:15 min.



This album has been made on Raspberry Pi 2. 
Also, it has been recorded entirely & directly from the machine. 

The RPi's sound is being generated by the Broadcom BCM2835 chip (for the 1st model of RPi) and by Broadcom BCM2836 chip (in the 2nd model RPi), so it's resolved somewhat like in ZX Spectrum: the sound is being generated by CPU. 

They say it works with 11 bit quality. It's not an actual DAC, it is a digital PWM module (gives a 'pulse width modulated' signal) working with frequency around 40MHz and it is low-pass-filtered. 
The original Pi sound is warm'n'soft; doesn't remind thousands of razors. 

Some people claim RPi isn't good for music. 
They are WRONG. 

(C) 2018 by YERZ
Original ATARI 2600 song "Digital Garbage" by Bitpusher2600.

WWW sites: 
RPi portal: 
Bitpusher2600's portal: 

(C) 2018 by Yerzmyey











cover-art by Yerz

Released in July 2017


The tracklist: 

01. Agartha (ZX SPECTRUM)
02. Death Squad (ZX SPECTRUM)
03. The Lady of Mars (NES / FAMICOM)
04. Evelynn (ATARI ST / ZX SPECTRUM)
05. Vivid Dream (ATARI ST / ZX SPECTRUM)
06. Ceres Pyramid (AMIGA 1200 / YAMAHA QY70)
08. Jophar Vorin of Laxaria (ZX SPECTRUM)
09. Moon Hoax (SID / RASPBERRY PI 2)
10. Trip to Japan (ZX SPECTRUM)
11. Mono Adventures (ATARI 800XL)
12. Gendarmenmarkt the Berlin square (ZX SPECTRUM)
13. Temple of Asherah (ATARI ST)

(C) 2017 by Yerzmyey

Total Time - 44:48 min.



Hardware used: 
- ZX Spectrum 48K with AY-interface, 

- Atari 520ST, 

- FamiCom Pocket, 

- Amiga 1200, 

- Atari 800XL, 

- Raspberry Pi 2, 

- mini-synthesizer Yamaha QY70.

Software used: 
- ZX SoundTracker 1.1, 

- MusicMon, 

- FamiTracker, 

- OctaMED, 

- Neo-Tracker, 

- Goat-Tracker.

All the music has been composed and recorded by Yerz. 
Cover-art project has been designed by Yerz.

(C) 2017 by Yerzmyey











YERZMYEY - "aTTraction" (March 2016)

Cover-art by Jokov

Yerzmyey - aTTraction
Released in March 2016.



01. Yerzmyey - aTTraction (ATARI TT)
02. Yerzmyey - Globular Cluster (ATARI 520ST and Roland MT32)
03. Yerzmyey - Amai (ATARI FALCON 030)
04. Yerzmyey - Time Machine II (ATARI TT)
05. Yerzmyey - Inside a game (ATARI FALCON 030)
06. Yerzmyey - uTTerly unseTTling transmiTTal (ATARI TT)
07. Yerzmyey - Purple Galaxy (ATARI FALCON 030)
08. Yerzmyey - Bizarre creature (ATARI 520ST and Roland MT32)
09. Yerzmyey & Tfardy - Brutal attack (ATARI FALCON 030)
10. Yerzmyey - The missing piece (ATARI 600XL) / Bonus Track
Total Time: 34:59 min.


Example songs to check out: 





The idea behind this album was to collect all my songs made with 32-bit ATARI computers: Atari Falcon 030 and Atari TT. Finally I decided to add also two songs made with the 16-bit machine - Atari 520ST - but those have been made in MIDI technique, using also the classic module - Roland MT32
All the songs have been recorded from real machines, the sound hasn't been changed. 



As the bonus track I added a song created with 8-bit computer - Atari 600XL - with heavy postproduction setup: track-by-track recording / filters / phasers / choruses / flangers / delays / echoes / reverbs / equalizers / compressors / limiters.


Guitars on the 9th track "Brutal attack" by Tfardy


ATARI soft&hard used: 


Atari Falcon 030 (with 14Mb of RAM)
- Digital Home Studio
Atari TT (with 4Mb of RAM)
- Hex Tracker
Atari 520ST (with 4Mb of RAM)
- Cubase
Atari 600XL (with 256Kb or RAM)
- Chaos Music Composer
- NeoTracker.


The cover-art has been made by Jokov.

(C) 2016 by Yerzmyey











A gig in 2016 in Katowice, on the Riverwash 2016 event (a ZX Spectrum concert)











YERZMYEY - "Chiptunes" (October 2014)

Cover-art by Yerz


(C) 2014
Entire album in one archive (thanks to Irrlicht Project for hosting).

01. Yerzmyey - Yerzmix 6 (ZX81 / ZX Spectrum)
02. Yerzmyey - Arcane Zone Part 2, Full Version (Sam Coupe)
03. Yerzmyey - A very odd adventure (ZX Spectrum)
04. Yerzmyey - Anisotropy (ZX Spectrum / ZX81 / Atari 520ST)
05. Yerzmyey - Blazar Shift (ZX Spectrum / Atari 520ST)
06. Yerzmyey - Fifteen Colours (ZX Spectrum)
07. Yerzmyey - Celestial Sphere (Atari 520ST)
08. Yerzmyey - Help! - The Beatles cover (ZX Spectrum)
09. Yerzmyey - Deadly Labyrinth of Lord Xyrx (ZX Spectrum)
10. Yerzmyey - Inside the screen (ZX Spectrum)
11. Yerzmyey - Just Can't Get Enough - a Depeche Mode cover (ZX Spectrum)
12. Yerzmyey - Jupiter Battle (ZX Spectrum)
13. Yerzmyey - Wake up! (Atari 520ST)
14. Yerzmyey - Out of the mist (ZX Spectrum / Atari 520ST)
15. Yerzmyey - Nightmares (ZX Spectrum)
16. Yerzmyey - Superman - a cover (ZX Spectrum)
17. Yerzmyey - Square Disco (ZX81 / ZX Spectrum)
18. Yerzmyey - Sailor Moon Star - a cover (ZX Spectrum, TurboSound)
19. Yerzmyey - Chasing (Amiga 500, 8 channels)
20. Yerzmyey - Yerzmix 7 (ZX81 / ZX Spectrum, TurboSound)
21. Gasman - Spacecake (Bonus Track / ZX Spectrum / synthesizer)
22. Yerzmyey and ugm27 - ?????? (Bonus Track / synthesizers / ZX Spectrum)

© 2014 by YERZMYEY 
TT - 1 hour, 12 minutes

Guest artists: Gasman, ugm27

***Special thanks to: Mono, Matt Barton, CheapBeats***

Hi there. This time I have for You some bigger amount of synthetic music from various 8-bit and 16-bit computers. While making this album I used: 
· ZX81 with ZXpand and TurboSound (two YM2149 chips)
· ZX Spectrum 48K with AY-interface
· Speccy2010 and TurboSound (two AY chips implemented)
· Sam Coupe (Philips SAA chip)
· Atari 520ST (YM2149 chip)
· Amiga 500 (Paula chip).
Enjoy the chiptunes! ;) 

 (C) 2014 by Yerzmyey/AY-RIDERS








Concert in 2013 (in Gdansk/Danzig) on the RetroKomp event (first - ATARI 520ST, second - ZX Spectrum)







YERZMYEY - "Rave is illegal!" (April / May 2014)

Cover-art: rendering made on Amiga by Jubi; the cover design by Factor6.

Yerzmyey - "Rave is illegal!"
(C) 2014


Example songs to check out: 





All the music has been made on AMIGA 500 (4 channels, 8-bit quality of sound) using the OctaMED 4.0 program. 
Recorded from real hardware (stereo slightly changed).
Speech/vocal samples come usually from the MusicRadar. 
Female vocal by Mandy Edge.

The usual greetings to AY-RIDERS. ;)
Respect to Amiga musicians and techno-rave/house musicians: 
The Prodigy, XTD, Adamski, SLL, Holy Noise, Laxity, MvdK of LA Style, The Immortals.
Thanx to the additional hardware designers and producers: Individual Computers, Jeff, Lotharek.
Traditional greetz to people for advices regarding the hardware. ;)


01. Give it
02. Goddamn business
03. Have you ever loved?
04. I have come
05. It’s gonna take all night

Total time: 19:43 min.





(C) 2013-2014 by Yerzmyey
















Yerzmyey & Pinokio - "Ai" (official video / ZX Spectrum)





YERZMYEY - "Mission Highly Improbable (the ZX-demo original soundtrack)"

March 2014


Pictures on the cover-art have been made by Piesiu & RedBalloon


Yerzmyey - "Mission Highly Improbable (the ZX-demo original soundtrack)"
(C) 03.2014
Author: Yerzmyey / AY-RIDERS
Bonus track by Mister Beep


An example song to check out.

All the music has been made on ZX Spectrum 48K and it comes from “Mission Highly Improbable” demo, released on Forever 2014 Party (came 1st in the ZX demo-compo). 
First 6 songs: AY chip
The bonus track (7th): BEEPER

1. Yerzmyey - Mission Highly Improbable (part 1)
2. Yerzmyey - Mission Highly Improbable (part 2)
3. Yerzmyey - Mission Highly Improbable (part 3)
4. Yerzmyey - Mission Highly Improbable (part 4) 
5. Yerzmyey - Mission Highly Improbable (part 5) 
6. Yerzmyey - Mission Highly Improbable (part 6)
7. Mister Beep – Chromospheric Flares (bonus track)

Total time: 10:50 min.

 (C) 2014 by Yerzmyey/AY-RIDERS















Yerzmyey & Pinokio, concert in 2015 in Poland, on the Derenegeracja 2015 event (Fragment 1 / ATARI Falcon 030)







YERZMYEY - "Microsongs" (September 2013)

Cover-art by iloveui


Yerzmyey - "Microsongs" published by CheapBeats Label (Tokyo / Japan)
(C) 2013
Total time: 37:51 min.
Listen / Download / get CD here.



01. Chouyaku
02. Niji
03. Egao
04. Enro
05. Kure-ji
06. Doko ka ni
07. Naguru
08. Senshi
09. Ai
10. Jigoku no sanba
11. Yuki

Konnichiwa! ;) 
The music has been composed for ZX Spectrum 16K with AY-interface, however I made all the work on ZX Spectrum 48K with the same interface and also I recorded the stuff from this machine. 
Each source of the songs is not bigger than....... 4,8Kb!!!!!! ;) 
Software used: ZX SoundTracker 1.1.

Let chiptunes/micromusic be with You!!!!!!!

(C) 2013 YERZMYEY/AY-RIDERS for CheapBeats Label (Tokyo / Japan)












Yerzmyey & Pinokio: concert in 2015 in Poland, on the AmiReset 2015 event (fragment 1, AMIGA 1200)







YERZMYEY - "Brutal and aggressive" (June 2013)

Cover-art by KeFF


YERZMYEY - "Brutal and aggressive" published by 8bitpeoples Label.

(C) 2013

You can get the album from HERE


Free listen the album on YouTube



01. Dark Galactica
02. IM35
03. Get mad (full version)
04. Haunted Mansion
05. STandard crap
06. Alone


Total time: 20:19 min.

This compilation contains chiptune/micromusic stuff in heavy and brutal style of Electro-industrial/Breakbeat/tek with typical YM/AY acid synthetic sounds. 

Greetz to my friend STU, on this occasion. ;) 


All music has been made on ZX Spectrum 48K with AY-interface. Also used Atari 520ST. 


(C) 2013 by Yerzmyey for 8bitpeoples












Yerzmyey & Pinokio: concert in 2015 in Poland, on the AmiReset 2015 event (fragment 2, AMIGA 1200)






YERZMYEY - "Astral Combat" (March 2013)

Cover-art by Yerz, beautiful picture on the left - by PIESIU


YERZMYEY - "Astral Combat"
(C) 2013


01. Astral Combat
02. Comet Day
03. Industrial Fucking Part 5
04. Taiyou
05. Dance of Insanity
06. Kaminari
07. Electrobody (ZX48 Cover)
08. DIG IT
09. Proof of concept (a bonus track)

Total time: 26:50 min.

All music has been made on standard ZX Spectrum and SampleTracker program. 

Infos: 3 channels, 4-bit quality lo-fi micromusic.

Recorded from real hardware: ZX Spectrum 48K with AY-interface. 


The 7th song is a cover of Daniel Kleczynski's famous song from equally famous Polish classic PC game from 90s - "ElectroBody".

By they way - the cover has an official acceptation from Daniel, which I'm proud of. :) :) 


The BONUS-TRACK is really a proof of concept, I made for the idea of playing simultaneously two ZX Spectrum computers, 

where one is playing chiptune music and the second one is playing digital music (6 channels in total).
I was wondering if it keeps tempo properly - and it appeared it works OK. 
I don't know if it sounds very well, but at least sounds kind of interesting, I'd say. 
One Spectrum is playing a chiptune part from ZX SoundTracker 1.1. 
The second Spectrum is playing a 3-channels 4-bit digi-music from SampleTracker 2.1.
Also recorded from real ZX Spectrum computers.

A ZX Spectrum version of the album


(C) & (P) 03.2013 by YERZMYEY












Yerzmyey & Pinokio: concert in 2015 in Poland, on the AmiReset 2015 event (fragment 3, AMIGA 1200)
















YERZMYEY - "RetroBeat" (October 2012)


Cover-art by Yerz

YERZMYEY - "RetroBeat"
(C) 2012. 

01. Critical Density
02. GeoCosmos
03. Interdimensional Crusader
04. RetroBeat
05. Into aphelium
06. From desert to forest
07. Arcane Zone
08. Time machine

Total Time: 31:53 min.


Ethno vocal in track no. 06 by Moonslayer



BitJam version of BitJam Episode #159

YouTube BitJam #159 version


This 8-channels music has been composed on AMIGA 1200 with standard 020 CPU (14Mhz) and recorded from real hardware 

(with slightly changed stereo). 

Software used: DIGIBOOSTER 1.7. 

(C) 2012










Concert in 2013 (in Gdansk/Danzig) on the RetroKomp event.






YERZMYEY - "Strange Light Under My Bed" (October 2012)

Released by UbikTune

Cover-art by 7th Seal Arts (ex: Joulo, ex: Habib)

YERZMYEY - "Strange Light Under My Bed"
(C) 2011-2012. 
Pulished by Ubiktune. 


Full-quality size cover-art indisde the archive. 

01. Noise reduction (Atari Falcon 030)
02. Unknown radiation spectrum (ZX Spectrum 128K)
03. Enormous magnitude (ATARI 520ST)
04. Strange light under my bed (AMIGA 500)
05. Starlies (ZX Spectrum 48K)

Total Time: 42:19 min.


Berlin School is a kind of trance/ambient/experimental electronic music invented in Germany and played by such artists as Tangerine Dream, Ash Ra Tempel, Klaus Schulze and others. I remember my surprise when I found out that those musicians, playing mostly in 70s, were often using rather simple electronic instruments (especially in comparison to modern monster-machines) and 80% of their incredible cosmic sound was... recording studio effects. The most obvious next thought was: if that's the case, then maybe I could re-create those conditions but with... retro-computers? :)

That's how this album was created. Here you find trance/ambient music composed on several retro platforms, recorded track by track, with a lot of studio-effects added, to create — along with those classic sound-chips — some mysterious cosmic atmosphere. The only instruments (and sequencers) were the retro-computers. All the material has been recorded from real ancient hardware track by track and put through sound-effects. Like, if Jean Michel Jarre or Tangerine Dream would be making music on ZX Spectrum, Atari or Amiga — the final outcome would be still the same as it is now.

- ZX Spectrum 128K
- ZX Spectrum 48K
- Amiga 500
- Atari 520 ST
- Atari Falcon 030. 

Retro-software used: 
- for Spectrum 128K: SoundTracker 1.1
- for Spectrum 48K - Orfeus/SpecialFX
- for Amiga 500: OctaMED 4.0
- for Atari 520 ST: Music-Mon V2.5e
- for Atari Falcon 030: ACE Tracker 0.997

Sound-chips used in individual machines: 
- ZX Spectrum 128K: General Instrument AY-3-8912
- ZX Spectrum 48K: Zilog Z80A + Ferranti ULA 6C001E (beeper)
- Amiga 500: Paula 8364
- Atari 520 ST: Yamaha YM2149F
- Atari Falcon 030: Motorola DSP 56001.

Recording studio sound-effects and modern software used: 
- Zoom RFX 2000
- Zoom Studio 1201
- Behringer Xenyx 1002 FX
- Behringer FEX 800
- Cool Edit Pro 2.1
- Sony Sound Forge 8.0.

In general - recording-studio effect used: 
- track-by-track recording
- filters
- phasers 
- choruses 
- flangers 
- delays 
- noise-gates
- echoes 
- reverbs 
- equalizers 
- compressors 
- limiters.

Enjoy then. 

(C) 2011 - 2012 by Yerzmyey








Yerzmyey & Pinokio, concert in 2015 in Poland, on the Derenegeracja 2015 event (Fragment 2 / ZX Spectrum)














YERZMYEY - "ZX81" (June 2012)

Cover-art by Yerz. Main photos by Bill Lunney . Additional photos by Martin

This is a collection of songs made on ZX81 with TurboSound for ZX81 (two ZonX interfaces - on different ports - to play simultanously 6 channels). 
**ALL** has been written on real ZX81 machine - NO EMULATORS have been USED. 
All titles are somehow related with ZX81 machine. ;) 

The album is for fans of YM2149 and for AY fans. 


01. Yerzmyey - ZX81
02. Yerzmyey - New Line
03. Yerzmyey - UrsULA
04. Yerzmyey - Motherboard Circuit ISSUE ONE
05. Yerzmyey - Break Space
06. Yerzmyey - Earport
07. Yerzmyey - Touch sense


TOTAL TIME: 29:39 min.


Full 3-pages cover-art to download. 

Software files for ZX81 with ZXpand + ZXpand_AY + Mr X.

Software files for ZX Spectrum with TurboSound - two YM/AY chips.

(Seems like WildPlayer requires some extra RAM 'though)


ZX81 is a British monochrome computer as big as an adult man's hand-palm. It has touch-sense keyboard and 1Kb of RAM only and it's been released in 1981 (American version is Timex 1000 and Timex 1500). 
It had a modular construction, so people weren't forced to buy all the hardware in one machine, if they didn't need it. So - if anybody required additional RAM, he could buy 16Kb RamPack or more. 

If somebody needed sound - he was able to buy a ZonX sound-module (with YM/AY chip inside). 

Finally we decided it's not enough for us. ;) ;) ZonXes are still being produced by various guys. And now - one machine is interesting for our porpose: Mr-X, because it is a through-out device - more interfaces can be connected to it. So - we decided to connect two sound-modules to ZX81 (one of them is on different ports than another) to obtain 6 channels of sound. 
And... IT'S ALIVE!!!!!! ;) Yes - You can here listen to  6-channels music composed on real ZX81 32Kb with two YM/AY interfaces (ZXpand-AY and Mr-X). Also I recorded the music from real ZX81 hardware. 
To compose the songs I used Andy Rea's "ZX81 SoundTracker" (first I made one half of every song, then the second one, because the SoundTracker for ZX81 can support only one AY chip - 3 channels). 
Then I recorded them from the same ZX81 with ZXpand-AY and Mr-X modules (using TurboSound Player). 

Thanx go to Andy Rea for the software (ZX81 SoundTracker, TurboSound Player), also to ZX81 hardware developers: SirMorris (ZXpand and ZXpand-AY) and to Sascha2000 (Mr-X). 
If You're interested in getting new junk for Your ZX81/Timex1000/Timex1500 (and other clones) then RWAP will help You: 
If You're interested in news from ZX81/Timex1000/Timex1500 world, then visit us on our forum: 

(C) & (P) 06.2012 by YERZMYEY









Yerzmyey & Pinokio, concert in 2015 in Poland, on the Derenegeracja 2015 event (Fragment 3 / Atari TT, Atari Falcon 030)








Cover-art by Yerz

This is an EP album made especially for fans of Atari 800XL / 65XE (64Kb of RAM and one POKEY chip). However the music still can work on higher XL/XE configurations, including machines with HDD, 2 POKEYs and COVOX. The album contains 4-channels digital music. It was made with use of NeoTracker by EPI.

Recorded from real hardware, a stock ATARI 800XL.

All the music is also available in native Atari XL/XE format, in a demo "XL DIGITAL" that has 2nd place in Glucholazy 2010 Atari Party.

For MOD files fans, I uploaded the sources in Amiga/PC format too.



01 - Mountain in the Sky
02 - Fuji Rave
03 - Tokyo Gondwana
04 - XL Dance
05 - RAVE'olution
06 - Bunny on the Moon


TOTAL TIME: 19:11 min.


A track "Tokyo Gondwana" is dedicated to Lo-Tek_Style (an electro musician from Atari ST scene).



(C) 2010
(P) 2010








Yerzmyey - Tokyo Gondwana (official videoclip, ATARI 800XL / 65XE)















Cover-art by Factor6/AY-RIDERS


This is another small EP made by humble me, with a guest bonus-track by Factor6/AY-RIDERS, and published by DWD Records. :)

It contains chiptunes composed for AY chip (3 channels of sound and white-noise generator).



01. Yerzmyey - 16Kb (2008)
02. Yerzmyey - It’s only a joke ;-)  (2008)
03. Yerzmyey - 5th channel (2006)
04. Yerzmyey - Juh (2006)
05. Yerzmyey - Oxygene (2007)
06. Yerzmyey - Noise (2005)
07. Yerzmyey - 16Kb tune 2 (2009)
08. Factor6 - Taio Byte (bonus/guest track)  (2009)

Yerzmyey’s music has been made on ZX SPECTRUM 48kb with AY interface
Factor6’s music has been made on ZX SPECTRUM 128kb.

TOTAL TIME: 25:38 min.

Cover-art project by Factor6

(C) 2005-2009
(P) 2009








Yerzmyey & Pinokio, concert in 2015 in Poland, on the Derenegeracja 2015 event (Fragment 4 / ZX Spectrum)












YERZMYEY - "Ye olde square" (December 2008)

Cover-art by Yerz


In 1989 (as a teenager) I bought my first ZX Spectrum (it was Timex 2048 to be precise) and I started to make chiptunes. (Jee, in 2009 it will be already... 20 years!! Fuck, I'm old). First of them were for beeper and then - in 1990 - I bought AY interface and started to make 4bit micromusic. My first songs were really crap and they sound rather like shitty music from 80s games. ;) Then was (I hope) better and better. ;)

This is a chiptune album made on ZX Spectrum 48Kb with AY interface, containing my old traxx made in time I wasn't so much into the AY synthesis, and used almost only standard square wave.

The album/compilation has been published in December 2008 as a Christmas gift for chiptune-fans, however the songs come from 1998 - 2002 (that's where the title comes from :) ). Maybe somebody will be interested.
I didin't add here my really *old* AY songs (1990-1996) because they are mostly _really_ bad. :) (They are available somewhere on da Net, in form of Spectrum demos 'though ;) ).

Merry Christmas for all chiptune/micromusic freakz!!!! :)



PS: While making the cover-art of this album, I used not only PC (inscriptions) but also ZX Spectrum (these photos are screenshots from Speccy :) ).



01 - Nothing left (2002)
02 - Don't smoke that (1999)
03 - Mirages (2001)
04 - Ballad (1998)
05 - And so it is (2000)
06 - Strange (1998)
07 - Sad tune 2 (1999)
08 - Don't smoke that 2 (1999)
09 - Where is love? (2001)


Cover-art is here.

Info-file is here.


TOTAL TIME: 30 min.

(C) 1998 - 2002

(P) 2008












YERZMYEY - "Oldschool MODe" (2008)

Cover-art by Factor6/AY-RIDERS


This album contains 4-channels MOD music I wrote throughout years, since 1994, for Amiga 500, Atari ST and ZX Spectrum. Besides, You can find here 3 guest-songs - MODs make by Factor6, TDM and Epi; the MODs have been made for ZX Spectrum and Atari XL/XE.
I hope You like this old-school stuff. :)



01. Yerzmyey - Oldschool MODe (2004)
02. Yerzmyey - Flight (1994)
03. Yerzmyey - Fucking is fun ;-) (1994)
04. Yerzmyey - Alienate (2003)
05. Yerzmyey - Oldschool Rave (2006)
06. Yerzmyey - Cheerful (1994)
07. Yerzmyey - Kinda crap (2006)
08. Yerzmyey - Lost in thoughts (1994)
09. Yerzmyey - Oldschool Rave part 2 (2006)
10. Yerzmyey - Trackers Forever (2007)

Bonus traxx:
11. Factor6 - Drink vodka! (2006)
12. Epi - m4700rk4 (2006)
13. TDM - Molition Day (2006)

Cover-art FRONT

Cover-art BACK

Cover-art INSIDE

TOTAL TIME: 40:18 min.




(C) 1994 - 2007

(P) 2008


















YERZMYEY - "FREAKuencies" (April 2008)



In the year 2002 we published the first chiptune album with AY-RIDERS band. Since then, we were doing it every year, to the 2007 (with the last one, after a break, in 2010). 

Anyway, in April 2008 I decided to release my 'solo' album, because earlier - since 1989 - I was composing chiptune music mostly for demos and games. 

And this is the first one, released by American "8BitPeoples". 




Listen entire playlist for free, from the YouTube



01. Yerzmix Part 4

02. Fuck off

03. Picturesque

04. Weird

05. Escape from the spaceship


The music has been made with Timex Computer 2048 / ZX Spectrum 48K with AY-interface. 










Here is my chiptune / 8-bit music before 2008. It's present in: 

AY-RIDERS albums and concerts since 2002: 

HOOY-PROGRAM group demoscene activity since 1989: 









Great thanx to Mono & XXL!